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Our Outstanding Staff

Mara Khorram, MPH

Mara Blonigen Khorram is the co-founder of Marianas Eye Institute. With a background in Health Administration and a Masters in Public Health, she was the stimulus in the establishment of Marianas Eye Institute. In its early years she served as the clinic administrator and Chief Executive Officer, establishing the staff training program that continues today, as well as the culture of warmth and affection that mark the clinic.  Soon after founding Marianas Eye Institute, Mara co-founded Brilliant Star Montessori School, and eventually moved to the school to serve as its full-time principal.  Her leadership skills have put both institutions on firm footing and have allowed them to continue serving the families of the Mariana Islands.

Dr. David Khorram, MD

The co-founder of Marianas Eye Institute, Dr. David Khorram, continues to serve our Saipan eye clinic through advising the leadership team. After more than 20 years serving the peoples of the Mariana Islands, Dr. Khorram currently lives in Europe, where he spends his time traveling to underserved countries to provide volunteer eye surgery, and teaching ethics at Townshend International School.