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Our Outstanding Staff

Russ Quinn, CEO

In 2016, Marianas Eye Institute, celebrated 10 years since long-time Saipan resident Russ Quinn joins the Marianas Eye Institute family as the company’s chief executive officer.

Russ brings strong leadership skills and an impressive array of experience in management and marketing. He has helped enhance the existing services provided by Marianas Eye Institute and executed the growth of the clinic.

When joining the Saipan eye clinic in 2006, the Saipan Tribune announced the beginning of Russ’ time at Marianas Eye Institute.

“I am impressed with how friendly and professional the staff are here, the focus is on providing customers with the best eye care services available,” said Quinn. “ Marianas Eye Institute offers a unique combination of advanced technologies and exceptionally talented people.”

Co-founder Dr. David Khorram M.D., a nationally recognized ophthalmologist, said, “We experienced tremendous growth during 2005. We realized that we had reached the point of needing a talented and experienced person like Russ to take the helm and focus on meeting the needs of the increasing numbers of people who seek out our services. Russ has great leadership abilities and a strong sense of ethics. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past few weeks.”

Rounding out the institute’s team of talented doctors is Dr. Mark Robertson OD, a magna cum laude graduate who joined Marianas Eye Institute four years ago.

“There were a few things that attracted me to the position at Marianas Eye Institute,” said Quinn. “First, it has the reputation in the community as a highly advanced eye care center. I just returned from a national conference for eye care executives and it became very clear that Marianas Eye Institute is in the forefront even nationally. We possess technologies and systems that most offices in the mainland US don’t even have. That’s impressive.”

“Second, I was attracted to the people. I have been a patient at Marianas Eye Institute for a few years. I knew from my own experience that the staff considers it a privilege to provide the best care possible, and do so in a spirit of love. They’re all great people to work with and have a very progressive mentality.”

“Finally, I love to work with the best. Marianas Eye Institute leads the region, providing both ophthalmology and optometry services, and providing total eye care to all ages—from one-hour express glasses and contacts, to medical eye care, to surgery and laser. It’s a combination that is not often found under one roof,” said Quinn.

Quinn has held management positions in the hotel and the telecommunications industries.

Mara Khorram, MPH

Mara Blonigen Khorram is the co-founder of Marianas Eye Institute. With a background in Health Administration and a Masters in Public Health, she was the stimulus in the establishment of Marianas Eye Institute. In its early years she served as the clinic administrator and Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. David Khorram, MD

The co-founder of Marianas Eye Institute, Dr. David Khorram, continues to serve our Saipan eye clinic through advising the leadership team. After more than 20 years serving the peoples of the Mariana Islands, Dr. Khorram currently lives in Europe, where he spends his time traveling to underserved countries to provide volunteer eye surgery, and teaching ethics at Townshend International School.