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Saipan Eye Clinic Shines

Saipan Eye Clinic Shines with New Technology

Marianas Eye Institute, your Saipan eye clinic, in its ongoing commitment to bringing cutting edge technologies and the highest quality eye care to the region, has purchased the “best in class” Visucam 524 retinal camera made by the renown optics and engineering company Zeiss. The Visucam 524 allows for the highest quality of care in diabetes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

The Visucam 524 takes photos of the inner layers of the eye – the retina – which are affected by a broad range of diseases. “For years we have been the only clinic in the CNMI performing fluorescein angiograpy – a test that can record blood flow through the delicate blood vessels of the eye, which is particularly important in diabetic patients,” said Russ Quinn, the Saipan eye clinic’s CEO. “The Visucam 524 adds the additional capability of detecting early stages of macular degeneration and other retinal diseases though something called ‘auto fluorescence’, which is an important non-invasive tool in detecting and following diseased retina” he explained.

The Zeiss camera boasts a 24 mega-pixel sensor which produces brilliant detail-rich images to effectively aid in detecting and monitoring a broad range of retinal diseases. Training for the new camera was provided by Zeiss representative, Joanna Givens who traveled the Saipan eye clinic. She was impressed with the skill of the clinic staff, and commented that “the eye care technicians all took beautiful photos. They are well trained at getting just the right angles.”

Marianas Eye Institute’s Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, Thelma Tenorio, commented, “These images are amazing. You can really see so much more detail with this new camera. This will definitely help the doctors detect any problems early on.”

The Visucam 524 retinal camera sets a new standard with its ultra-high resolution images and superior clarity, which ensure that difficult to detect diseases can be identified by the doctors at Marianas Eye Institute. The camera comes with sophisticated software for processing and viewing the images. One of the most practical elements of the software is a feature that allows the doctors at this Saipan eye clinic to view the full images as an overview, and also to magnify portions in order to see the smallest details.

“Many years ago, Retinal Physician Magazine recognized Marianas Eye Institute as ‘one of the best-equipped eye clinics in the Asia-Pacific region’”, said Quinn. “We are committed to maintaining that standard so our patients know that they have access to the best in the region. This camera ensures that all the people of the CNMI, but particularly those with diabetes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, will benefit from advances in the field.”