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Children Eye Exams

The love between a parent and child – there is hardly a bond that is stronger. And so we know that when it comes to your child’s eyes, you want gentleness, expertise and compassion. We know. We’re parents too.

At Marianas Eye Institute taking care of children’s eyes is one of our specialties.

Your Baby

Your newborn baby’s eyes will be screened by your pediatrician or family doctor in the nursery before you take your baby home from the hospital.

By six months of age, your baby’s eyes should be screened again by a health care professional. You may bring your baby to Marianas Eye Institute for this screening exam. Your pediatrician or family doctor can also perform this check.

Your baby should receive a comprehensive eye examination at Marianas Eye Institute whenever there are questions about baby’s eye health on a screening exam, or any time you have concerns about your baby’s eyes or vision. No baby is too young for an eye examination and we often perform eye exams on newborn babies.

Your Preschool Child

You definitely want to have your child’s vision checked before your child starts school, because undetected vision problem can lead to difficulties learning.

Since it is possible for your child to have a serious vision problem without being aware of it, your child should have his or her eyes screened at 3 and 5 years old. We welcome your preschooler to Marianas Eye Institute for this screening. It may also be performed by your pediatrician or family doctor, who will look for things like crossed eyes, lazy eye, poor vision from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, and lid abnormalities.

Undetected problems at this age can lead to lifelong problems if not treated early. Make sure your child’s eyes get screened at age 3 and age 5 years.

Your School-age Child and Teenager

Your child or teenager will often not notice that they are developing poor vision, and so a vision screening by your eye specialist, pediatrician or family doctor is necessary every two years. If your child does have vision problems or you have vision problems in the family, have your child’s vision re-checked every year.