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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday, 8 AM - 5 PM
  Contact : (670) 235-9090

Emergency Eye Care

We provide emergency eye care 24/7.  If you have an emergency, such as an eye injury, or eye pain, or loss of vision, and it is during our clinic hours, come in right away, and we will work you into the schedule.  After hours, report to the CCHC Emergency Room, and the doctors there will call us.

What is an Emergency?

If you have any of the following, you should come in right away.

  • Any injury such as a blow to the eye or foreign object (finger, dust or dirt, etc.) in the eye
  • Chemicals into the eye
  • Seeing flashing lights or lots of floaters
  • Any sudden loss of vision
  • Any pain

These are all signs of a possible vision threatening emergency.  There are others, so if you have anything that concerns you, please come in or call us.